Jan 10, 2012

1000 Gratitudes, January who?

I'm beginning to doubt the absolute arrival of winter. He seems to be denying us the grace of his presence this season. And since we all know how I feel about snow, you can understand my disappointment with the weather situation. I am sure, however, that drivers are loving it.

New year, new gratitudes.

27. Fallons who assist my move into a new dorm.
28. Vanilla flavoured coffee.
29. Room to keep all my shoes.
30. Professors who share my faith, and the gift of learning in an institution which teaches in a Christian context.
31. New words to learn and understand.
32. The gift of sponsorship.
33. Amazing dorm devotions.
34. My bed, which is really, very comfortable and warm.
35. Midnight walks in the fog.
36. Agendas - I don't know what I would do without these.
37. Classes that are interesting and will be challenging. My schedule is shaping up to being quite the doozy.
38. The gift of journalism God has given me, and my desire to cultivate that gift further.
39. Professors who care, and make hilarious Green Day references in class.
40. Chicken-broccoli Casserole.
41. Spending a wonderful Christmas break with my family.
42. Knowing that God loves me. No matter what.

Word of the Day: Cacophony

Quote of the Day: Kristen and Erica: "We'll pray for you." Me: "Oh, no need for that. Coffee first. We'll call on God if the coffee doesn't work. No need to trouble Him with something that can be solved with a little caffiene."

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The dB family said...

Great list!! I love the word cacophony! It's the story of my life these days :oS.