Oct 3, 2011

Decade Dance, First Years and A Bucket List

"Seventy-Seven Things is a yearlong bucket-list. For those who play along, I promise no cosmic kick-backs or special blessings... but you might become a happier person with a little less stress. It's about being silly, accomplishing dreams, making new memories and ruffling your own feathers a bit."

Several of my friends had posted this little blurb on Facebook. I think it is cool. A bucket list of sorts for a year. Not only that, but it could make for a very interesting year of blogging. So, I'm going to up the requirements for this challenge. Not only do I need to complete everything on this list, but I need to blog about it, with pictures (preferably). This should get my creative juices flowing. Who knows, I might even get some good ideas for Editorials. 

1. Watch all three Back To The Future movies in one sitting (pee breaks allowed).
2. Read the Dirk Bently Omnibus by Douglas Adams
3. Get my full Driver's License (finally).
4. Apply to work in another country.
5. Play The Game of Life with my little sister. The right way, with Junior Monopoly peices and 18 different cars.
6. Memorize a poem, at least 12 lines long.
7. Create Calvin and Hobbes style snowmen.
8. Play poohsticks.
9. Have date-night each month with Cousin Kristin.
10. Read all of Paradise Lost by John Milton
11. Send an encouragement letter to someone I don't know.
12. Pull an all-nighter (even if it's homework related).
13. Bake oreo-peanut butter brownies and give all of them away.
14. See my best friend from childhood.
15. Prank another dorm.
16. Do a photoshoot with Laura D. 
17. Love someone I've never been able to connect with.
18. Paint my nails a different colour each week (52 different colours in all). 
19. Finish writing that story I started 2 years ago.
20. See downtown Hamilton in the wintertime, before Christmas.
21. Visit Mr. Steffler, my grade 12 English teacher, and thank him for teaching me.
22. Pray with a complete stranger.
23. Make a quilt.
24. Bake each first year dorm something yummy. 
25. Visit Brock one weekend and give my sister a big hug.
26. Learn a magic trick.
27. Read all the books Natalie Campbell suggests to me.
28. Spend a month replying (in written form) in poetry.
29. Find "Erkle-O's" and eat a bowl (major bonus points for this one). 
30. Buy something from Avon.
31. Learn to play "Never Underestimate my Jesus" on guitar.
32. Grow a flower from a seed.
33. Dry fall leaves in books.
34. Cook something new each month. 
35. Go for a walk in the first snow of the season.
36. Die my hair.
37. Spend a Saturday in Toronto doing nothing of any importance.
38. Keep a prayer journal.
39. Run.
40. Make a gingerbread house with my girls.
41. Climb a tall tree.
42. Go sledding.
43. Sleep under the stars.
44. Go fishing.
45. Go to the Irish Pub. Take Keeley. 
46. Take Laura D. out for her 19th birthday (as specified in brownie-making afternoon on Oct 2, 2011).
47. Climb the Dome (or let Colin, Derek and Craig do it). 
48. Sleep in a hammock.
49. Go puddlejumping in my rainboots.
50. Make a very elaborate cake.
51. Create a home-made kite.
52. Fly it. 
53. Go to Strathroy's Turkey Festival.
54. Make a Jack-O-Lantern.
55. Read the entire Bible.
56.  Make Christmas cookies not around Christmas.
57. Do a crazy Hamilton bus trip tour using my student card. 
58. Learn to juggle.
59. Read every Charles Dickens novel (except Tale of Two Cities since I've read that already).
60. Sit on a statue.
61. Watch a sunrise with a friend.
62. Donate 30 items of clothing.
63. Make a list (progressively) of 1000 Gratitudes.
64. Incorporate a new word into my vocabulary.
65. Graduate with my (hard-earned) B.A.
66. Play cards with Uncle Joe at Christmas (like old times).
67. See Melissa Greenfield. Some way, some how.
68. Go skating on an outdoor pond with Maria.
69. Go somewhere interesting during Reading Break, even if it is just for a couple hours.
70. Trip to Niagara Falls, just because I think this should be done at least once a year.
71. Have a garage sale.
72. Knit/crochet an afghan.
73. On the topic of knitting, learn how to make Grandma slippers.
74. Make jam.
75. Become an organ donor.
76. Road-trip with Becky Kinsman (to nowhere in particular).
77. Do a handstand. 

Word of the Day: Brilliant

Quote of the Day: "It's not a health kick, it's more like a add a few more years onto my life kinda thing...uh...kick." Amanda

Amanda and I in our second year RAing. I am so thankful for her.

Our dorm. Beautiful girls.


Nicole Rose said...

Woman! Why didn't you put this on Facebook! Spread the love <3

Also: #5 might be my favourite on this list. Makes my heart smile.

Let me know if I can help you accomplish any of these!

Keeley Weese said...

I'll take you up on #45 anytime!