Jun 11, 2011

Long time, no post...

Well hey there everyone! I realized this morning that its been nearly two months since my last entry.

Here's how life has been.


I finished third year, whirlwinded (is that a word?) through exams. Then I spent a week at home blitzing through 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy (insert judgement here). Two seasons in one week. I find myself a little pathetic. Not one of the most...well, let's just say I could have used my time a little wiser.

Then, I came to camp.

This summer I am the Community Life Director for the Stepping Stones discipleship program and Muskoka Bible Centre just outside of Huntsville, ON. Let me tell you, this may be one of the most incredible places I've ever been too. I may love it more than Redeemer, which is saying something since Redeemer has become my home.

I have the privilege of being 'Dorm Mom' to about 80 students between the ages of 15-25 this summer. It's quite the ride. I spent most of May preparing Bible Studies and plotting the MBC Amazing Race for Orientation weekend on May Long Weekend. I've developed friendships with so many of the staff here, used First Aid (which I hoped I'd never have to do) and prayed with more than half of the Spring Crew staff here. It's incredible. My job is to turn the Stepping Stones staff into a family and make the dormatories home. I hope I am doing alright.

This job was truly provided for my by God. I have no other logical explanation for what I do, and how much I enjoy it. The students have opened up to me, some have even shared their testimonies with me... a privilege I never expected to have. I have enormous amounts of respect for my co-workers, and I'm learning so much about God, and Love and perhaps, maybe, that I should really stop worrying about what I have to do with my life.

That is all I have time for at this moment. I will [try] and update with photos soon.

Word of the Day: Sarcastical

Quote of the Day: Colossians 3:1-17. Go read it.


sugarnuggets said...

It's so awesome when we get to love our jobs....the ones God tosses us into.

Funny how He knows eh?!

The dB family said...

Three years already! Wow! It sounds like you are having a fantastic summer! Enjoy, and my God continue to go with you!


Quilting with Jannette said...

Glad to hear that you're still around!
Don't you love it when God has the exact right answer for you before you even know what the question is?
Hope that your are blessed, and a blessing this summer!