Feb 9, 2011

What are they teaching us?

Redeemer is under investigation by the CAUT. The article may be found here.

As a student who attends this University, I feel as though this is unfair and entirely uncalled for. What would the reaction be if CAUT was investigating a Muslim-based or Jewish-based University? What is the point of investigating Redeemer for abusing academic freedom? What do they consider academic freedom?

So, what are they teaching us here? Do I consider my school abusive of academic freedoms? Redeemer is open about the fact that their professors are required to sign a statement of faith that coincides with the school's Christian beliefs. This seems to make sense. Why on earth would we have an atheist professor teaching at a school that incorporates a Christian worldview into all classes? After all, isn't the idea of a Christian liberal arts university to educate under the assumption that God created the world, and we should, therefore learn about it (wholly), in order that we may be good stewards of the earth? Are they aware that post-secondary education is an institution developed by the Christian world?

I am just confused on their basis for this investigation. I support Dr. Krygsman, and I pray that God will guide him through this time. May CAUT see that they are being irrational, and may my education still be recognized as legitimate. I don't see why it shouldn't.

I commend the other University professors (from both Christian and non-Christian Universities) who have signed a petition against these investigations, recognizing that it isn't Freedom from Religion, but Freedom of Religion. Shame on you, CAUT.

It's an interesting conversation to have, considering that on Sunday, I attended West Highland Baptist Church. They had a guest speaker whose focus was on Christians being involved in the educational process, and that the classroom is one of the largest untapped mission fields.

Food for thought, I guess.

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