Oct 8, 2009

Looking out the Library window...

I'm sitting here in the libray, realizing that my attention span is getting shorter. This is really too bad, as I did so well with homework yesterday.

An account of University in the second year:

-I write at least 2 essays a week. Time is not measured by weeks for me any more, nor hours on the clock, but by essays. Not all as bad as it sounds though, not only do I really enjoy the academic life, but I have gotten A's on all my essays thus far. This makes me really happy.
-My social life is much more vibrant. I love seeing people in the halls and offering them a hug, a short hello, or a smile. Our dorm tends to go out to other dorms for dinner. Of course, most of them are 1st year boys (thanks to Yana), but once they find out that Yana is 21, Lauren is engaged, they all kind of give up on the idea. It is rather entertaining.
-One of the girls in my dorm has incredible style. I was telling her today that because of her, I made a point to dress somewhat nicely. Last year, I spent most of my time in sweats. This year, I haven't even bothered with my sweat pants. My mother will be thrilled to know that phase may have passed.
-I don't think I have ever been so excited to go home for a weekend. Thanksgiving is upon us, and I find that I am just really eager to sleep. Sleep is a luxury.

And last but not least, I am finding that my relationship with God is growing ever more each day. There is something so wonderful to be said, knowing each day and everything I do is really to glorify my Savior. It makes it all that much more worthwhile.

Word of the Day: Seem

Quote of the Day: "At nine oclock, let's all yell!" Devon Forbes

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