Oct 27, 2009


Family is exhausting.

I think that, because there is so much laughing, and eating going on during family get togethers, we all find ourselves just drained from being together. This was my case on Sunday evening. I got back from Woodstock at about 7:30 pm, and I was pooped. Now mind you, the day was long, as I had gone to church in Woodstock that morning with Chadbo, and spent the entire afternoon eating and hanging with most of the Knapper clan (and by most, I mean more than half...because there's a lot of us!). I love family. I love family dearly. There is just something a little depressing about being all together again for the first time after Grandpa had passed away.

One thing I noticed right away was that I could talk to Grandma in a way that I hadn't really had the opportunity to before. Grandma was always overshadowed by Grandpa, and his eagerness to share stories of his life. I never realized how incredibly intelligent my Grandma is. Her and I had a wonderful conversation about church history and Enlightenment ideals and the modern church, as well as spiritual and knowledge parts of our faith. This was the type of conversation normally to be had with Grandpa, while Grandma would listen quietly at the other side of the table.

Midterms and essays are also exhausting. 2 essays, 1 midterm next week. This means I don't get to go home for reading break, but that's alright. I'm looking forward to a quiet dorm and to get lots of work done. Maybe I can crack down on some of the 3 million books I always seem to have to read, but never do.

Word of the Day: eradicate

Quote of the Day: "Don't worry about that. It was just my elbows. I'll get new ones tomorrow."

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