Oct 26, 2013

Autumn as it should be (and other splendid things)

Since coming back to B.C. after a wonderful Ontario Thanksgiving, Autumn has really made a full and beautiful appearance here. It seems that all the sunshine and colours that we were promised are true after all (and not just figments of some great imaginative scheme).

I couldn't help but stop and take some photos of the gorgeous colour today as I made a trip to the local independent grocery store for fresh fall fruits and vegetables. Because Autumn comes so much later here, there seems to be more home-grown veggies in store until later in the year. Where Ontario would be seeing the last of its squash, pumpkin, and apple crops straggling into the farmers markets, B.C. seems to have an abundance of these, not to mention fresh spinach, red leaf lettuces, the last of the vine-tomato crops, radishes, potatoes, gourds, and so many more. My grocery bag was packed full of fruits and veggies (and ziplock baggies so that some of the greens could be frozen for later use).

I was thus inspired to take home some of these beautiful coloured leaves and collage (ha, is that even a verb? oh well, it is now) them into a collection of things that have made my weekend happy.

Aren't these leaves just incredible?! The candle is pumpkin spice, and the nail-polish reminds me of the
green bushes and the leaves still to change in the previous photos... 

I've also been spending a bit of time on Pinterest (okay, a bit is a HUGE understatement, I've basically been living on there), and have compiled a collection of some of my favourite photos and pretty things that have come across my visual path and wishful thoughts these last few days. I had a bout of the flu, so finding a little bit of beauty to balance out the icky was delightful.

Gorgeous spring colours that make me want springtime.
So. Much. Joy.
Christmas comes soon. Quebec, Canada.

So, so true.
I really like the last picture in the collection. It rings entirely true after the last year and a half. One thing about adventures is that, if you don't find yourself longing for the place you call home while you're on it, then it wasn't really your home to begin with. 

I guess I have found the place where I belong... and it's with this guy: 

Happy weekend, readers! 

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