Sep 13, 2013

Livin' it up: Home Sweet Home

I'm really enjoying the off-campus lifestyle of graduate studies. I find myself refreshed by the lack of social life I am currently maintaining (excellent, considering I spend the bulk of my time reading and writing). It has been a wonderful few weeks, not being restricted by my typical campus lifestyle and rulebook. The peacefulness of not being interrupted by people when I am sitting in a public venue on campus grounds is, admittedly, a nice change.

The apartment is delightful. There is tons of space for both my housemate and I to co-exist, and my own bedroom has been turned into a delightful haven where I enjoy spending most of my time writing, reading, or watching (shamefully, I might add) Dawson's Creek. Don't judge too harshly. The show made a Derrida reference the other day.

And yes, rewatching Dawson's Creek is a bit of a blast from my past, but I think I can excuse my wildly immature taste in teen dramas because the very adult style of the apartment makes up for any misjudgments in the visually fictional realms which I inhabit.

Couch, Coffee Table, End Table: brought from Ontario (belongs to my housemate)
Chairs: Kijiji purchase $50/peice.
Plant: Ikea

Bookshelf: Ikea - brought from Ontario - belongs to housemate
Red and Yellow plants: Ikea: $10

Minimalist Dining/Study Area
This area makes a great common space. But, I cannot at all get away from how perfectly my bedroom came together. While I loved the space I had in Waterloo, and I will never quite be able to get over my love of the hardwood that ran all through that house, the bedroom space I have managed to arrange for myself fits literally all my needs.

The colours are bright and complimentary, making me feel alive when I am in my room.

A perfect Study area. 

Obviously the only way to organize shoes..
And check out those cute little coat hangers my mom purchased for me last year;
super vintage looking.

Photo frame, vases and orange candle on bookshelf to add a flare of adorable.
Words on the frame to remind me of God's promises.

And obviously, every room is in need of a little foliage. 

Nestled between books: my basket of yarn. It is also currently topped with my crochet projects.

Reading Nook. Chair belonged to my housemate's grandma. 

Accents and pretty flower pots.

Contrasts. The candle smells like mangoes and vanilla. Yum!
It is a nice feel apart from movie posters and Disney princess montages (which my dorm rooms at Redeemer were often littered with). I feel like I have finally brought myself into an era of adult(ish) decorating. I feel confident that I will be very happy here.

And, for all you hockey fans out there: you'll be thrilled to know that my Housemate brought along a little bit of her favourite Ontario team....

photo via my housemate's Facebook page.


nvedder said...

Looks great, Brittany! I'll have to come check it out sometime soon. Unless you really are enjoying the peace and quiet!

Brittany said...

Tash! That sounds delightful. I have a wonderful vintage tea set that is just waiting to be used!