Aug 14, 2013

Western Adventure: Roadtrippin'

It's been a busy last few days as Housemate and I set out on our trip to British Columbia. We decided to go through the USA, since there is more to see and it is much cheaper and quicker.

Day One:
Burlington, Ontario, Canada - Davenport, Iowa, USA.

Because it made sense to stop at one in Michigan before there were no more.

Illinois is really proud to be the home of Lincoln.

Really stoked that the people of Iowa have nothing better to do then welcome us...

Rush hour traffic in Iowa.

Day Two: Davenport, Iowa to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

This was a much more interesting day. We went to John Wayne's birthplace, got pulled over by the Iowa state pole-eese for going 40 in a 25 (and got off with a warning), tried to go to the Religious Arts Museum (it was closed.. which was too bad. They apparently have wax Jesus). Then we went to South Dakota which consisted of an absurd amount of corn fields.

What a bizarre place for a row of mailboxes..

How 1950s. I don't even think Happy Days could contend with this place..

They love their presidents...

Construction in Iowa. Thank you, sign, for telling us what to do..

Madison County, John Wayne Drive, and a bird.

How patriotic...

Thanks, sign. I was confused as to where I was.

I don't know about you, but I have ALWAYS wanted a lifesize black and white
cutout of John Wayne.

Missouri Valley. This way.

More John Wayne.

The irony of America. Freedom to bear arms. It is their God-given right, after all...

Gee, South Dakota sign... you are so smart.

Day Three: Sioux Falls, South Dakota to River City South Dakota.

This was the MOST BORING of all drives, ever.
Until we got to the badlands. Those were interesting to see. It was a nice break from corn fields and bison and cows.

There, we made a stop off at the 1880s Town. Tourist attraction. Too expensive. Took photos of the outside and continued on our way.

We also stopped at Mount Rushmore. That was a pretty cool sight until the video. American political propaganda is an interesting thing. They spout paradoxes all over the place about freedom and liberty and happiness and no one questions it. Instead, they all stand with their hands over their hearts singing the words to their dear National Anthem, believing that they live in the land of the brave and free; slaves to their own ideologies. The only reason we stayed was because they light the faces up at night and we heard that was pretty cool. It wasn't worth it, and the glowing faces didn't show up in photos very well.

Oh, America.

The view coming down to the Missouri River.

There are a lot of rabbits in 1880s Town.

So. Cool.

Hmm. I wonder if it is carrying Harrison Ford...

The Badlands. 

Western Hospitality, eh?

The "fifth head."

And we stared at the four stone faces...

Such a tourist..

The sunset sky in South Dakota.

Tomorrow we make our way to Montana. I expect I will have more landscape and 'wild west' photographs.

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Sally Bernadette said...

I never KNEW that I wanted a life sized black and white cut out of John Wayne until now....and it is from Hatari!! Love that movie :)