Apr 18, 2013


Once upon a time, there was a blogger named Brittany who completely disappeared from the blogosphere world. Now, while she had been well intentioned in her 2013 blogging ambitions, life and hobbies seemed to prevent this particular blogger from updating anything worthwhile onto her corner of the universe. 

Her blog was outraged by its neglect, and, at the urging of the evil cyber-gods, threatened to leave her forever unless she became active in her pursuits of cyber-greatness once more. Her solution was a quick photo blast. And while it seemed to satisfy the cyber-gods for the immediate future, there was much left wanting. For instance, Brittany and the blog both knew that her wit would need to return in order for there to be an active stream of readers. This wit seemed to have been lost in the previous months as life changed and didn't provide much material to embellish, recount, or otherwise exploit for entertainment purposes. 

And so, hoping her readers would be satisfied with some Insta-Life photos (#instalife, in case anyone cares; BrittanyKnapper on Instagram. And yes, you may follow me), she embarked to her next adventure. Cooking bacon.

top to bottom: 
(1) Salman Rushdie's Imaginary Homelands. Out of print in Canada. 
(2) Revlon's 'Devil's Lure' nailpolish. 
(3) Coffee Culture Vanilla Latte. Yum.
(4) I may live in the city, but I still appreciate a good country-folk license plate.
(5) Coffee and Crochetting on the front porch of my parents' house over Easter.
(6) Creative afternoons. 

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