Dec 10, 2012

Once upon a quilt..

Back in October of 2011, I began a spontaneous DIY project. I started making a quilt.

Hundreds of squares, and yards of thread later, I am 3 rows away from having the face of the quilt finished.

It's about the size of a double bed, and has absolutely no pattern other than the alternating colours. The fabrics have all come from my mother's basement. Many of the fabrics have childhood significance: old drapes, barbie clothes, or leftover scraps from mom's quilting days. It's been really cool to see them all come together into this. 

I plan on putting a thick cotton-fleece backing on the entire quilt, preferably a vanilla white with stripes on it, but I can't be picky since I really can't afford to get something super exciting. I do like the vintage look of the fabrics together, and once I figure out how I want to do the actual quilting part. I am considering stitching it diagonally. I also don't intend on putting any badding in between the layers of fabric. I am pretty sure that a cotton-fleece backing will be warm enough. 

After this one is finished, I plan on starting an Irish-Chain patchwork quilt. And after that one is finished...

The 'never-winning' tetris quilt - which I think is about the coolest quilt I have ever seen. Perhaps it is about time I invest in a sewing machine.


joyce said...

I love your almost finished quilt. So colourful...just like you! We shall look for the backing while you are home! Can I correct your's batting, not badding..(sorry, couldn't resist!) Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job Brittany --- I have absolutely no sewing sense !! I love the look of quilts. Have a great Christmas with your family and friends.
Your Moms friend, Judy

Angie said...

That looks awesome Brit! I've always wanted to quilt but don't know how - is it hard to learn? When I worked at a long-term care home the residents there could quilt up a storm and they were SO beautiful!
Miss you girl!