Sep 28, 2012

Feature Friday: Coming Together

Reintroducing: Miniver Sail.

Simon Fallon. Chrissy Hurn. Sam Kamminga. Cory Hoogsteen. 

Featuring: Joe Moran of The Good Hunters.

Miniver Sail is currently working on the official release of their independent debut album. Release date is yet unknown, but I know Simon Fallon fairly well, so I can keep details coming if any of you lovely readers are interested.

Feature Friday will happen at once twice per month, and will seek to feature Canadian talent that isn't quite as recognizable as Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, or Chad Kreuger. Now, I promise it won't be so Canadian that you'll vomit maple syrup and Degrassi reruns, but I do think there is great merit to recognizing rich Canadian talent - be it creative writing, music, art, or fashion. I would like to start focussing on emerging Canadian culture.

I hope you enjoyed Miniver Sail and Joe Moran's cover of the Beatles. I feel pretty lucky to know these guys (and girl).

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