Mar 24, 2011

Ten days later

This whole publishing a post every ten days thing really needs to stop.

Life in a nutshell:
- Homework
- Classes
- Eating
- Pooping
- Sleeping

The reality that I will be finished my third year of University in one month is a little scary. I loathe the idea of having to pack everything up again... and to find the room for it all...

This weekend, Cousin Steven will be joining life at Redeemer. Hopefully I will get some laundry done before that happens.

I know it's short, but at least you know I'm still alive.

Word of the Day: Latinly

Quote of the Day: "But as I raved and grew more fierce and wild/ At every word/ Methoughts I heard one calling "Child!"/ And I replied, "my Lord." - George Herbert, The Collar. (1633)

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